The COVID-19 pandemic is touching populations across the world. Some countries are better prepared and have the possibility to concentrate their resources to efficiently fight it. In this context, Afghanistan is not advantaged.
For a successful outcome against the COVID-19 we believe two conditions are essential, a well-organized health system and a well-informed population.
In Afghanistan, the availability of medicine and equipment is very limited in addition, the information about the levels of medical reserves, the status of equipment and the spread of the disease are difficult to gather.
With this initiative we want to support the government and the humanitarian response on two levels besides providing basic information to the population:
- Support the health system by tracking the availability of equipment, the reserves of key medicine and protection kits in the main hospitals across Afghanistan. These data are regularly updated.
- Identify zones of risks where the hospitals’ preparedness is weak and cases are appearing.
This initiative is a partnership between Integrity Watch Afghanistan and Voxmapp.

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This is yet another war for Afghanistan. To win it, people will have to be well-informed, united and distant

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COVID 19 in Afghanistan!

This is yet another war for Afghanistan, to win it people will have to be wel l informed, united and distant
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